GMS Magnificent 4th Graders

September News and Events

Getting in the Swing of Things!

Thanks so much for sharing your kids with us! We are having a great time getting to know everyone. Our classroom routines are getting established, so important for making the rest of the school year run smoothly. Thanks as well for being so responsive to beginning of the school year information and events! It's going to be a great year!


Just a reminder that we do have a time in the morning when kids can have a snack. Our lunch time isn't until 11:55, so most kids are finding that they are ready to eat by the 10:45 snack time. Please send your child to school with a small healthy snack. We do have some extras, but not enough to provide every day. If you are able to send in something to donate to the cause (a box of goldfish or bag of pretzels type thing) that would be great. Thanks!

Homework Information

Just a reminder that we do have homework each week. We will be helping students get used to using their planners to record their assignments each Monday. Each week homework will include:
  • Response journal entry - this is a back and forth letter with the teacher due on a set day for each student (so we're able to respond in a timely manner)
  • Math Fact Practice - Students practice the fact family they are working on with at least one of the activities listed. A parent can sign in the planner that this is completed - there isn't a special sheet for this.

  • Spelling practice - This will start this week. Students pick 2 of the activities to practice their words. Again, parents can sign in the planner if there isn't something to turn in.
  • Math Homework practice sheets - We will send home two practice pages per week that go with our current learning. We'll send them home on Monday, but write in the planner when students should complete them (after we've learned the material).
  • Reading every night - Students should read at home every night. We're not requiring this to be recorded in any specific place.

Homework should never take more than 40 minutes per night (including the reading). Please let us know if you have any questions!

4th Graders FREE at National Parks

Students in Fourth Grade can get a free pass to all of our nations National Parks. This is a great chance to check out some national parks for free. Check out this website!

EVERY child succeeds this year!

We have been working a lot as a school and as a fourth grade team on how to be successful. Green Mountain's mission:

The GMES community ensures a safe, caring, and collaborative culture where every child develops the skills to achieve success.

As a fourth grade we've talked about the important role that students themselves play in their own success. This is especially important as they grow older. We can do everything we can to help students learn - and we will!

With that in mind we are going to start a "invitation only" help group after school. There are some students who might decide to stay because they feel they'd like the extra help. And there are some who might stay because they decided not to do their work during class. Either way - we'll be there, every TUESDAY and THURSDAY until 3:45 to help students be successful. We certainly appreciate your support in this endeavor! Please complete the attached from so that we know you've gotten this information and that we can count on your support. Thanks!