AMANA 5th Grade Newsletter Update

Friday, September 25th

NEWS FROM: Ms. Hess, Mr. Karsten and Mrs. Baxter

Learning Goals This Week:

Reading: I can recognize when my mind wanders as I read, and tune back into my thinking by backing up and rereading. (Metacognition)

I can explain plot.

I can recognize and explain idioms.

Math: I can write and evaluate numbers in exponent form.

I can use the standard multiplication algorithm to solve multiplication problems.

Writing: I can plan and write a narrative using descriptive details and clear event sequences.

Science: I can make observations, describe objects in detail and use evidence to support ideas.

Spelling: I can recognize and spell words with a long vowel sound.

Below are some link for students to get more practice with single digit multiplication. If your student does not have the passwords in his/her planner, please email the teacher.


As your child begins bringing work home from school, you may notice numbers from 1 - 4 on your child's work. Please see below to understand what those numbers indicate.

1 = Beginning (I need help.)

2 = Approaching (I'm getting there!)

3 = Proficient (I'm there!)

4 = Exceeding (I'm reading for a challenge!)

A 3 is expected proficiency by the end of fifth grade, so seeing a 2 on your child's work is normal and expected at this point in the school year.

Important Dates

9/30 - Early out

10/6 - All school picture

  • 10/6 - PTO Fundraising Packet Due
  • 10/9 - Individual School Picture Day

  • Pictures are coming...

    You child came home with a Picture packet today that will be due back on October 9th.

    Reminders: Water bottles should only have water in them.

    Hairbows and hair accessories should not be distractions for learning.

    (Some gentleman have decided that this is the attention they are seeking.)

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