Superintendent's Update

Back to School Edition, September 2019

Note From the Superintendent

Dear ESD parents, guardians and staff,

Welcome back!

As I connected with students and staff in buildings today, I was overwhelmed with ESD Bull Dog Pride! The passion and expertise of our staff is world class, and I know that working together we will accomplish much this year.

First Day of Classes

ESD Board Ends/ Outcomes for Students

During first semester of the 2019-2020 school year, we will be focusing on empowering every student to achieve our district-wide outcomes which are also called our Board Ends. We call these outcomes the Board Ends because our Board of Education will be supporting these outcomes with both policies and allocation of resources. As a reminder, last year we put out an invitation for staff, parents and community members to collaborate and design the outcomes that we desire (as a system) for students. Over 40 people gathered together for several meetings to create these outcomes/ Board Ends. We also listened to various student focus groups.

Additionally, this year we will be identifying ways to measure our progress in meeting these Board Ends, as well as, developing strategies to support our students in achieving these outcomes.

Our Board Ends are:

It is also important to view these Board Ends through an “Equity Lens”.

Equality does not mean the same as equity. Some students need different levels of support to experience academic growth and develop future ready skills. Our goal is that every student graduates and is ready to succeed and embrace life’s challenges.

We are off to a great start, and we appreciate the privilege to educate the children that come through our doors. I look forward to seeing ESD go to the next level of excellence, as we collaborate to ensure that all students thrive.


Jinger Haberer, Superintendent