By Aman

Hard Drive and SSD

A hard drive is a disk that is used to read information to a hard disk. A SSD is a data storage device using memory to store data continuesly.

Optical Drive

A disk drive that uses a laser light within the visible light spectrum as part of the proccess of reading data to optical disks.


The monitor displays the video and the graphics information generated by the computer to the video card.

Input/Output devices

An input device is a device that can be connected to the computer and can be controlled by the computer. Eg mouse, keyboard, usb etcAn output device is any computer hardware used to communicate the results of data proccessing. Eg speakers, headphones, printer, screen/monitor.

Touch Screens

A touch screen interacts with your fingers. it is an electronic display and is covered by a glass panel. Tablets are touch screen and most phones can also be touch screen for example an iphone, htc, samsung etc.