By: Duaa

The French

The French were settlers, priests, fur traders, fishers and sent woman by the king, who came to Canada after Jacques Cartier discovered Canada and the St. Lawrence River they called this land “New France”.

The first people from France came to colonize region for fur trade then came the people who the king had sent to claim land for the French. After the settlers, priests, fur traders, fishers and the woman sent by the king came to Canada, many more immigrants started coming in to Canada but they were not only French immigrants. This followed on to The Great Migration in 2006, Canada received 236,756 immigrants from the top ten sending countries China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, Iran, South Korea, Colombia, Sir Lanka. These countries were followed by France and Morocco with Romania, Russia and Algeria contributing over 3,500 immigrants. Nowadays most French Canadians live in Quebec and all across North America. There are many other French people that live in different countries but a majority live in Canada.

Immigration to Canada

The French came to Canada for freedom, jobs and opportunities. Another reason is that they came because there was land that was not yet claimed so the king had sent them to go and claim land for the French. But long after that more of the French were starting to come in and settle down with their families. They found Canada to be very peaceful “Canada is the land of opportunity” they said after they came.Other immigrants from other countries started to come into Canada after the French. Before coming to Canada lot’s of the French were dreaming of a new life in Canada. Once they came to Canada they felt happy to be in such a peaceful land.

Building Canada

Most French people started to settle down in Quebec but other countries sent people and they started to go into other free land. As more and more people started to come into Canada they were building more and more structures. They all worked together to keep making Canada a better place for everyone. Even now many people are immigrating and getting jobs, helping and doing many more things to help improve Canada. The first province that was built was Quebec and all the other provinces developed afterwards. After they all were built it created the country Canada

Conflicts with other communities

French immigration was continued on a small scale until war broke out between France and Britain.

There was no other major conflict between the French and other communities but there was sometimes when people kind of stopped coming to Canada. Some people stopped coming to Canada because of family issues or they had to do some very complicated paperwork. People also slowed down coming because there were so many people in just one community (Quebec). Sometimes conflicts were with the other countries coming here because there were too many people coming at the same time. But there was not that many conflicts

Second national language

First of all the founder of Canada was French (Jacques Cartier) and the founder of Quebec (Samuel de Champlain).

Another reason is because the first explorers of Canada were French explorers. The first activity in Canada or the first people here were the French because they were first to claim land. Now many French live mostly in Canada because the French helped develop Canada to be the way it is. About 7.3 million Canadians speak French in Canada. Most schools in Canada teach French as the second language. Almost all schools in other countries teach a second language.