World War II

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The Fights with Japan

On December 7, 1941 the United States joined the war because of Japan attacking Pearl Harbor. A year later on August 7, 1942 the United States went to the island Guadalcanal to stop Japan from building their Air Force base which would let them strike Australia and United States. When the United States fought Japanese soldiers on Guadanalcanal the underestimated them and where highly more trained than they thought. Later in the war in 1945 the United States attacked Okinawa with over 1,000 aircrafts and we won it. During that time the United States and Japan where constructing aircraft carriers for military uses.
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What Germany Did

Germany had gone politically unstable after World War I and so did Europe so it was hard to fight world war II. During the war the Nazis burnt down Russian towns and kept some as slaves or killed them all. After World War I Germany became unstable so that's when Hitler made himself supreme leader because of how much power he had.
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