School Dance of Stuff and Parties..

Or whatever that sounds cool or Party.. ish

This Party is very Effective!

When we're done with you your face will look like this. :D

If you're hungry! Get out! Joke! come on in. :D

  1. With the latest beats and music
  2. With the privilege of meeting famous song producers and writers
  3. With drinks and some "special" mix to go with it.
  4. As well as eating tasty treats like pop tarts.

Time of Date of Party

Friday, May 17th, 10:30pm to Sunday, May 19th, 4:30am

Ouawghighte, Tadla-Azilal, Morocco

Ouawghighte, Tadla-Azilal

If you think it's to far and can't come. Well, you're a Carnosauria with a cowboy buckle for a leg.

Party is Awesome. I know. Because I've seen it. I made it :o That's why it's awesome.

Come one down to this party. I promise you that this party will be the greatest one you ever come to.