By:Desiree Rivera

Do you know all the clouds and what there names are?Keep reading and I will tell you.There are 3 different types of clouds cumulus, stratus, and cirrus.You need high and low air pressures in the air for it to rain.Also you will need water vapor, dirt, and cool temps. Clouds are also patterns they that repeat them self but they repeat them self in a different way.Some clouds can make rain,snow,and hail.Clouds may seem that they weigh 1 ounce but they don`t they weigh about the same size as 120 elephants. Clouds are very heavy they weigh about 300,000 tons that is how much 120 elephants weigh all together. Clouds hold so much water 300 pounds of water comes down a day. Water clouds are very heavy but not as heavy as air. Well now you know all the names to the clouds and how they are formed.