Skylab and Mir

By:Christopher Morales Hernandez


What was Skylab used for?

Skylab was a space station. it was United states first space station.Skylab was used for conducting experiments. It was also used to take many pictures of Earth and the Sun.It was also were the first manned mission astronauts stayed.Tree successful crews carried out investigation of the body's adaption to no gravity and the studied the sun.

When was Skylab shutdown/fell to Earth and when was it launched?

Skylab was shutdown in July 11, 1974 and fell to Earth in 1974.When if felled to Earth it was Skylab's 33rd anniversary.It was made during the space race race and was launched May 14,1973.



Like Skylab, Mir is also a space station.It was Russia's space station.Inside the first crop was grown, wheat.

When was Mir shutdown/or fell to Earth and when was it launched?

Mir was orbiting Earth for 15 years.