The New Family Singers

The Vonn Trapp Family Singers

The Vonn Trapp Family Performs!!!

The Vonn Trapp family will sing at the salzburg festival. "they are an amazing group of singers" says who the children call, uncle max. we also talked to the children and what they thought there favorite song is, Leisl, age 16. "my favorite song would definately be 16 going on 17 because its about me and i sing it" Marta, age 7 " I would say the lonely goatherd, it was really fun to do that play" gretl, age 5 " mine is my favorite things" Well there you have it. keep reading for more information about the children, or background info about Maria and george vonn trapp, or if you want to know about hitlers army taking over austria.

The Vonn Trapp Children

Leisil, Age 16. Fredrick, Age 14. Luisa, Age 13. Kurt, Age 12. Brigitta. Marta, Age 7. Gretl, Age 5.

Maria And George Von Trapp

Maria was an nun until the headnun desided it was time for her to leave and live in the real world she gave her a governess job for the von trapp family and they fell in love with her. she brought singing back in the family and everyone loved he including Captain von trapp. he was an ex- navy captain and his past wife had died. They fell in love with each other and they will both be singing in the festival with the kids

Hitler Invading Austria!!!

Hitlers army is everywhere now. People say he will be attacking some people say he will be leaving Austria. All we know for sure, is that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

He has invaded Austria!! What will he do next? What will happen to Ausrtia? What will you do? Write What you think below.