RVES School Counselor Corner

September 2021

Welcome back!

Greetings and welcome to the 2021-2022 school year from your school counselors, Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe! As the school counselors at Riverview Elementary School, we help all students with social/emotional development, self-management, social skills, maintaining friendships, and we also provide support during various transitions in a student's life (e.g. family change, moving, grief, etc.). These direct and indirect services will look similar to a normal school year - finally! We will be back in the classroom doing lessons, holding small groups, and meeting with students on an individual basis.

We are so excited to be back at Riverview Elementary for another year to continue to work with the students, parents, and community members of Farmington!

Small groups are back!

We are excited to offer our small groups again this year! Small group counseling is offered to all students throughout the school year and is based on student need. Group sessions will typically last eight weeks, and take place for 30 minutes during your child’s school day.

Below are the small groups that will be offered starting mid-September. Please take a look and if you are interested in any of these small groups for your child, fill out this Google Survey with your child’s information.

  • Banana Splits Family Change Group is for students whose families are going through separation or divorce, or are experiencing changes in their family setting. This group is intended to give added support to the child during a family transition.
  • Brave Hearts Military Family Group gives students opportunities to express both positive and negative aspects of military life in a group setting, while learning about the different demographic regions and cultures of each service branch that the deployed parents serve.
  • Circle of Friends Friendship Group empowers students to maintain positive friendships by teaching key friendship skills, such as meeting new friends, conversation skills, accepting others, conflict resolution, and more!
  • New Student Friendship Group is for students that are new to Riverview, as well as students returning to in-person learning after attending Farmington Academy or another form of distance learning. This group will help new students connect with one another and share experiences as they transition to a new school setting.
  • Personal Space Camp Social Skills Group is for students who would benefit from a small group setting to learn how to interact with others as well as develop positive school behaviors.
  • Worry Busters Anxiety Group is for students experiencing stress and anxiety. Students will learn about the meaning of stress and anxiety, how it affects their lives, as well as how to best cope with the effects of stress and anxiety both at home and at school.

It is our hope that these small groups can provide students additional support socially/emotionally, allowing them to succeed academically. If you have any questions or concerns, or if your school counselors can provide support in another way, reach out to us directly!

Classroom lessons!

There is a strong relationship between academic success and social-emotional learning. As such, our comprehensive school counseling program incorporates classroom lessons on five core social-emotional competencies (CARES):






We meet with each classroom individually in all grades (K-5) on a monthly basis. During each lesson, we discuss the competency using various activities and books. We strive to make these sessions as interactive as possible to allow students to stay engaged and empower them to become motivated learners, active team members, creative problem solvers, and kind and responsible citizens.

Need additional support?

Individual counseling is available to students to address your child’s needs, concerns and other barriers to learning (e.g. anxiety, difficulty with peers, family change, etc.). These sessions are conducted one-on-one with the school counselor, typically once per week. These sessions are short-term in nature, and are utilized to address any immediate needs and subsequently monitor student progress. Individual counseling referrals for students can be made through the request of a student, parent, or teacher.

Should a student need on-going therapy, we also have a school-based mental health therapist that can visit your child during their school day. A self-referral can be made through the Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP), or you can reach out to your school counselors to make a referral on your behalf. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions!

Visit our website!

We now have a Calming Corner section of our website, which provides tools and strategies for helping your child manage their emotions. Some examples of these tools include breathing exercises, live zoo cameras, journal prompts, stretching and yoga videos, and mind games/break break activities. Visit our website for details!

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