Supreme Owlettes Newsletter

July 2013

Lets get ready for the end of summer!!!

Summer will be coming to an end and our kids will be going back to school. Lets get this party started right ladies!!! Our amazing O2 executive team has come up with a incentive trip to Cabo, Mexico.

Details about Cabo and how you can win your trip.


February 4-7, 2014 or February 7-10, 2014


+ Earn a minimum of 15,000 points to qualify

+ $1 Personal Volume (PV) = 1 Point

+ $250 Central Team Volume (CTV) = 1 Point

+ 300 Designers with the highest points earn a trip!

June Recognition

Total Team Volume: $392,309.17

Top 5 Designers

Rachel Vialpando $5,460.70

Lindsey Nuttall $3,548.35

Deb, Lupardus $3,265.28

Michelle Davenport $3,085.40

Marie Poston $3,031.30

Top Team:

Rachel Hall who has 2 amazing directors:

Jen Cascella and Ashlie Fiallos

Updates: Make sure to be checking your back office at least once every day or every other day for updates from the nest.

Amina Daher, Director

Your first line of contact is your mentor, their mentor, your ETL or your up line Director. If you don't have access to your up line in your back office I would be more then happy to send you a list of your up line and their information.

At the O2 White Out Party with Jen Cascella and Ashlie Fiallos

I hope to see many of you at conference next year.

End of Month Reminder

July 31, 2013 at 11:59 Eastern will be the last time to place orders. After this time your orders will count toward August. If you have a team and you wish to receive commission please check your career plan. If you have questions about the career plan check with your mentor or your up line.