JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

December 9 - December 13

What's going on in class?


WE COMPLETED OUR TESTING!!! We will complete module two test corrections next week! Have a great weekend!

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students wrote their second essay (five paragraphs). Each student answered the question, “How do positive character traits help people overcome forces beyond their control?”. Students chose three character traits they believe would be most helpful in these situations. For each trait students gave reasons they believe the traits could help and then quoted and cited Hatchet as evidence to support their choices. Final copies of the essay will be turned in next week. To finish up this week students also took the Interim test, which is a practice for the state test that they will be taking in the spring.


This week in science our topic was natural resources. We played a game to simulate the wealth of natural resources some countries may have, and how renewable resources take time to replenish. Students were overall very successful on their natural resources quiz.

Dear Parents and Families,

6th grade science has been studying Earth’s Structure, including Earth’s Layers, Plate Motion, and Distribution of Natural Resources. As a fun way to wrap up the semester we would like to show the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (2008) the last couple of days of the semester. As student’s watch, we would separate the fact from fiction of the film using the information your student has learned over the course of the semester and through a comparison with a national geographic documentary they have already taken notes over. This movie is rated PG. If you would prefer to have your student not watch the video with the class and have an alternate assignment instead, please email me (lyngreen@usd475.org) before Tuesday 12/17/19 - we will begin watching that day during class. Thank you in advance!

Social Studies

This week in social studies, the students continued learning about Ancient China. We specifically focused on the Qin Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. The students began a research project about the Chinese city of Chang'an, which they will reconstruct in Minecraft. To wrap up the semester, on Wednesday and Thursday, we will view the Disney Movie Mulan (1998) and compare it to what we have already learned about Ancient China. This movie is rated G. If you would prefer to have your student not watch the video with the class and have an alternate assignment instead, please email me (calebengeman@usd475.org) before Tuesday 12/17/19 - we will begin watching that day during class. Thank you in advance!

Mrs. Riley's CAT Time Spreads Holiday Cheer

Mrs. Riley's CAT Time students wanted to spread the holiday cheer and delivered chocolates with a kind note to 8th grade students in Mrs. Proietti's CAT Time.


We loved seeing the holiday spirit this week!

Students of the Week!

Each week teachers will be nominating Team 2 students who demonstrate positive character, work ethic, leadership, and or overall growth/ improvements. Below are our Students of the Week!

Student Expectations

Your student should wear their ID daily on a lanyard. If your student has lost their student ID, they may purchase a new one through the main office for $3.

Please charge tablets every night. Many students are leaving tablets in their locker. If your family would prefer that the tablet stays at school, please contact your student's CAT time teacher to make arrangements for secure storage and charging.

No Name Papers

We have had several no name papers turned in this year. If a student thinks they turned in an assignment but it shows missing in the grade book it is likely they didn't put a name on it. Please remind your child to always put their name, class, and hour on their papers.

Hallway Procedures

JCMS has updated hallway procedures during class. Please contact your student's CAT time teacher if you have questions.

Team 2 Expectations

Team 2 is consistent in our expectations in all our courses to create the best and most conducive learning environment for all students. We create these expectations and go over them multiple times with the team to insure that all students are able to be successful. We encourage you to review the expectations and discuss them with your student.


Students will be sending out weekly grade updates each Friday via e-mail. Please make sure your student has your email address as well as it being updated in Skyward. Parents will also have access to student grades at all times through the Skyward website or app. If you are unable to access Skyward please contact the office for further help.

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La informaccion de Smore que usted recibe se puede traducir usando el buton el la parte inferior de la pantalla . A contunuacion se muestra un imagen de la opcion de pagina de traduccion.

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