What's Happening in Biology?

Week of 4/20-4/24


Welcome to the last regular week of school before we get into Block scheduling for EOC testing!

For this week, our focus is on Human impact on Ecosystems. First on Monday, the kids have to do the graphing portion of their test from last week. Then we will start on the information over human impact. We will finish that info on Tuesday and pass out their surveys they have to do. Individually, they have to answer the surveys and then gt 9 other students/adults to answer the surveys throughout the week. I'll also give them their environmental disaster report that they will work on their own time throughout the week and turn in on Friday.

Wednesday and Thursday in class we will be watching a video that describes how the earth would change if the overall climate changed by just one degree and up to six degrees of change.

To finish out the week on Friday we will turn in our environmental disaster reports and then go over the survey results and practice graphing with the data collected.

Next week, we start reviewing for the EOC that will be worth 10% of their semester grade.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mrs. Weiss