Grade Level Meetings

Thursday, February 18



  • Grants
  • Student Growth

Make-up Plan for Snow Days

Front Office Updates

  • Daily Attendance
  • Sending students to the office to use phone, get a temperature check, or a band-aid
  • Sub plans--students using the phones

Teaching & Learning Updates

  • Math Resources-school recommendations
  • ACS Summer School plans
  • Parent Conference Forms
  • Retention letters
  • Answering phones in your classrooms
  • Data dives next week & subs
  • Required PD on Monday (master schedule, planning, budget, & TLIM)
  • Midterm date is now Wednesday, February 24

Finance Updates

  • Budget needs for your grade level
  • Student supply list for 2016-2017
  • School Improvement Team budget meeting


ACS Strategic Goals

Early Childhood

Expand access to district preschool programs and ensure our preschool students meet district achievement goals.

Academic Achievement

We will strengthen core instruction so that all subgroups will be successful without the need for a supplemental instruction as measured by number of students receiving interventions.

The Whole Child-Resiliency. Adaptation. Success.

Asheville City Schools will assess and restructure operational systems in an effort to address the needs of the whole child by providing opportunities to ensure all students graduate college and/or career ready.

Claxton School Improvement Goals

Goal #1 Early Childhood
Create a more inclusive school culture by equipping staff with new strategies for recognizing and supporting the strengths and needs of the whole child.

Goal #2 Academic Achievement

62.6% of our black students will be proficient in reading by 2018 as compared to in 2015.

Goal #3 Academic Achievement

61.2% of our black students will be proficient in math by 2018 as compared to in 2015

Goal #4 Whole Child

Increase parent involvement of our at-risk student population as identified by students in the red or yellow on MCLASS DIBELS/TRC.