Junior Newsletter Class of 2023

January 2022: Crosby Scholars is here to help!

Let's Keep it Simple!


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This meeting is the beginning of the College Application Season. As Dr. Strange said at the end of Marvel, Avengers Infinity War, "We are in the ENDGAME now!"

Not only is this meeting required to complete your junior requirements and be able to participate in the Crosby Scholars Senior Program, it is full of important information, you will need to plan and manage the next 10 months. College applications open on August 1, 2022 and you want to make sure you have what you need.

Class of 2023 Requirements

Iredell County Crosby Scholars has combined the Junior & Senior Program. What does that mean for you?

Same Junior year Crosby Requirements:

  1. Turn in 2 hours of Community Service 1/31/22 Deadline
  2. Attend 1 Academy - 1/31/22 Deadline
  3. Participate in a "Think Like A Senior Meeting" (January - February 2022)

If you turn in more than 4 service hours and more than 1 academy, we will count the extra towards your senior year requirements. Must complete 1 by 1/31/22

Crosby Academy Options

149 Juniors out of 330 HAVE NOT completed their 1 Academy requirement for Junior year. We have offered a large variety of topics and times and days. This requirement is due by 1/31/22. You have options below to complete for credit.

The only In-Person Academy between now and 1/31 is the Game of College. We will offer a variety of zoom sessions. If you would prefer self paced check out the list. Again, to continue to the Senior Program you need to complete service and 1 academy by 1/31/22

In-Person Academy Options

The Game Of College - December 29, 2021 - 10 am


  1. bit.ly/speakcollege - Print the 2-page fill in the blank document and after you complete the session send me your answers.
  2. Academy Credit for FAFSA COMPLETION - Upload your Student Aid Report to your Crosby Student Portal and email NBaldwin@crosbyscholarsiredell.org and we will give you an academy credit.
  3. Financial Literacy - CFNC.org - COMPLETE 10 Modules with 80% pass rate using the Crosby Code. Link to Literacy Academy --- CODE 46A8A3-2223
  4. Healthcare Know How - Click Link for Access

If you still need to meet this requirement, please register in your portal now for the academies that best match your needs and schedule.

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January 31, 2022!

Why such an early deadline for community service, you may ask? Well, a lot is going to happen during the spring semester! By getting your community service hours done earlier in the year, you'll have time to focus on the things happening during the spring semester (like testing).

You only have to do 2 hours of community service. Get your form submitted before the deadline and breathe a sigh of relief. Remember if you turn in 5 or more hours during junior year we will put the extra hours towards your senior year requirements.

You have several ways you can submit your community service form:

  • Snail mail or drop off in-person to the Crosby Scholars office:

    124 Fourth Crescent Place, Statesville, NC 28625

  • Complete this Google Form
  • Upload it in your portal under My Documents
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Stay Connected!

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Crosby Student Portal, Emails & Texts

We will try to communicate as much as possible.

Student Portal

The best way to stay on top of what is available and what requirements you have received credit for, is the Crosby Scholars Student Portal.

  1. Go to www.crosbyscholarsiredell.org
  2. Click on the Blue Head at the top right
  3. Use your school email address as your user name

Your user name is usually your school email address. You can reset your password if you don't remember.


Noah and I will send our emails. Those emails are usually addressed to the Class of 2023. We are speaking to the students. Any action items should be completed by the student. We will also copy Parent 1 in the Crosby Portal. If you are not listed as Parent 1 and want to be copied on communication, please change your account on your Crosby Parent Portal.

Text Messages

We use Mongoose to text students. Please log in to your student portal and make sure that the student's cell number is listed as the cell number. We try to limit texts, but will use for last minute reminders and changes.

CLUB Crosby at your High School

As a Crosby Scholar, you have the opportunity to attend Crosby Club Meetings. While there will NOT be a formal meeting just for Juniors. You are welcome to attend any of the other meetings and you are encouraged to participate with the Crosby Club at your school to work on service or gain leadership experience. More to come in the next newsletter.