ELA Awesomeness

The students are awesome! ~ Mrs Schick

December 2015

Your students have been busy!

This trimester the students:

  • Reflected on who they are as readers, writers & learners. Then, they set obtainable goals
  • Gotten to know each other and built up our classroom community
  • Used a variety of online tools, including Kahoot!, Google Apps, infographic design tools, Poll Everywhere, and iMovie.
  • Practiced reading and analyzing a range of short stories
  • Established reading habits and stamina with our independent reading books
  • Wrote a short story focusing on developing a strong plot, interesting characters, and thematic resolution
  • Learned about satire, irony, theme, characterization, plot, inciting incidents, conflicts, point of view and how they affect a story
  • Learned how to identify verbs -- not just action verbs, but linking & helping verbs
  • Then, learned how to keep those verbs consistent in writing
  • Started to work on our ePortfolio

And that's not all...

Right now students are creating iMovie Trailers

Students are working collaboratively on creating an iMovie trailer for one peer's short story. We are talking about movie trailers as a genre and how a designer uses specific parts of the story to entice the audience; how music sets the tone (similar to words in a story), and the skills needed to work productively and collaboratively. It seems like they are really enjoying this project. Oh...by the way -- it's a competition. Potentially, their trailer will go up against trailers from Mrs. Mayers' classes and Mrs. Gates' classes. There is an "Oscar" on the line here.

Coming Up in Tri 2

The Big Stuff...

  • Argumentative writing
  • Analyzing literature (mentor text is the play: "The Diary of Anne Frank")
  • Informational Text Reading
  • More fun :)

Looking to donate...

We need books! The students really enjoy using my classroom library. It's awesome. However, several of my books go missing each year, and I am unable to replace them all. Therefore, I am in desperate need of books. If you would like to donate, our classroom would benefit from gift cards to Amazon or any store where I can buy books (Target, Meijer, Walmart, etc.). I also created an Amazon Wish List on the classroom website.

Don't Forget...