Tyrrell Teacher Feature

Ms. Amy Murphy

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Getting to Know Ms. Murphy

Years in Education: 5

Favorite Quote: "You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"- The Wizard of Oz

Best Thing About My Job: I would not have survived the first five minutes of my first day if it were not for the amazing team mates I have been blessed with throughout the years. Without making excuses, and rising to our expectations, we have served our students and district with due diligence. We have divided our challenges among the team and took on each other’s burdens. I have learned so many valuable lessons from my awesome teammates!

Advice for Students: The world is yours!!! Take advantage of everything it has to offer. You are smart, loved, and able to do anything your heart desires! Go for it : )

Advice for Parents: Hold your student's to high expectations. Motivate them to succeed now so that they will pursue success in the future!!