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Fast Facts

Continent: Europe

Capital: Dublin

Population: 4,892,305

Area: 27,133

Main Languages: Irish Gaelic language

Main Religions: 85% Roman Catholic, 3% Anglican Church, 1% Muslim

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.: 340,255 miles


They have 3 meals a day. Family's usually sit together for meals. Sunday dinners are extended family are a common tradition. Table manners are very important. They eat fresh vegetables, dairy products, breads, and seafood.


The average family has 2 children. Single parents have increased over years. Children usually leave when they attend the university. Or if they move in with a partner. Or if they are able to pay for an apartment.


Ireland has about 7 main holidays. A lot of them we also celebrate too. There is New Years Day, and St. Patrick's Day. Also there is Easter, Labor Day. There is also a few bank holidays, and St. Stephen's Day.

What I want to see in this country

If I ever go to this country I would like to see the type of houses they live in. Also the type of restrants, and food. I would also like to see the amusements. Also the sites.


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