Can You Read This?!

If not, you should buy new contact lenses!

Seeing Is Believing!

  • Want to see without glasses?
  • Want your vision back?

New glass contact lenses are molded to fit the eye!

Contact lens

For use in the public domain

Created by Adolf Fick

Adolf Fick

Image is for use under public domain.

What are contact lenses?

  • It is a glass mold that refracts your vision, correcting your vision
  • They are tested on rabbit eyes and cadavers!
  • Both make for a more realistic feel
Rabbit with Contact

Owned by Emily Morris

Buy a pair for $24.95!

Why Buy?

  • Specialized to fit the eyes
  • Costs less than glasses
  • Makes you look younger/better
  • Help fund the economy

Coming Soon!

A new prototype made with an even cheaper plastic material!