Helen Keller

''Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much''

Fast Fact's

Born: June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, United States

Died: June 01, 1968 in Westport, Connecticut, United States

Other Names : Keller, Helen Adams

Nationality: American

Occupation: Lecturer

A good teacher

Sharing Keller's achievements as one of the foremost humanitarians of the century was her companion and teacher Anne Sullivan Macy. Even Sullivan's marriage to John Albert Macy, the editor of Keller's autobiography, did not interrupt the friendship. Sullivan helped Keller throughout her school and college days, manually spelling lectures and reading assignments into Keller's palm. Later she accompanied Keller on her lecture tours, giving full support to her pupil and their joint cause of aiding the physically challenged. The partnership was ended only by Sullivan's death in 1936. Keller died in Westport, Connecticut, over thirty years later—on June 1, 1968—at the age of eighty-eight.
Helen Keller's life story

Helen keller

After 9 months of her life she became ill.