Violent Video Games

Do violent video games really make people violent?


in 1976 the first violent video game came out which was Death Race. an 8-bit arcade game which a vaguely car shaped blob runs over stick figures.Since theres a controversy about video games.

Children confusing reality fighting with fantasy fighting.

  • violent Video games can give players pleasure and happiness with the ability to cause pain to others.
  • Playing video games increases aggressive thoughts.
  • Zool FBI say violent video games is associated with schools shootings.

do video games cause violence?

  • young men fired out at an columbian high school theater, And the violent video games they play gave them the idea or at least urged them.
  • young men who are in the habit of the game become more aggressive.
  • The video games have become more realistic and bloddier than ever and most boys play them at some point in ther lives.

new study finds that the first experimental evidence that negative things of play violent games can acumulate over time

games like dead space 2 is a game were you have to go through a scary battle with an alein infested world.

modern wafare was realeased 2011 take place in the near futere.

black ops 2 realeased novmeber 2012, takes place in the futere 2025