arthropod adventure!

Objective: Learn about Arthropods

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This is nothing to joke about!

Two crayfish were talking in a bar. One says,"How'd you get on tonight?" His fishy friend grins and says,"I pulled a muscle."

What is an arthropod?

The largest phylum of the animal Kingdom, containing several million species. Arthropods are characterised by a rigid external skeleton, paired and jointed legs and a haemocoel. The phylum arthropoda includes the major classes insecta, crustacea, Myriapodia and arachnida.

High Quality Arthropods

Grasshopper Food Web

The grasshopper would be a primary consumer, the producer being the plant. The grasshoppers are being consumed by mice and birds.

Food For Thought

Ancestral arthropods were the first land animals.

Arthropods are a highly successful group of animals—they account for over three quarters of all currently known living and fossil organisms.

When arthropods grow, they must molt their exoskeleton.

Famous Arthropods

Circulatory System

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