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Grades and Feedback

Students: Don't forget to check grades and feedback daily. Dropbox feedback contains more than just links for remediation and compliments, it also contains the files where I highlight the errors. The best place to view those attachments is through the Dropbox itself. The attachments don't show up when you view the feedback through the Grades tab. Need help understanding how to do this? See the video below.

Parents: Grades in Parent Auditor are updated every Wednesday. If you would like to view a more current average, have your student log in and look through the student account.
How to understand my Feedback Codes and Links

Late Work Policy

Assignments should be submitted on the day they are listed on the course schedule as much as possible. Turning assignments in daily affords the students the opportunity to learn from the feedback provided by the teacher and gives students time to access the links teachers provide for tutoring and extra practice. The idea is that each assignment's feedback will lead to a better grade on the next assignment. However, sometimes there are situations that prevent a student from turning in an assignment (i.e. assemblies, absences, storms, etc.) So, the last day to submit an assignment for full credit is the bi-weekly deadline on Thursdays at midnight. After that date, the students have 3 more days to submit work for late grades, at a penalty of -10% points per day. After the 3rd day for late submissions, assignments are no longer accepted. Because all assignments are distributed at the beginning of the semester and students are encouraged to work ahead, there are typically no extensions granted.
Bottom line: If you wait until the last two days to submit, you don't get your feedback returned in time to benefit from it.
Please submit **every day**!

Please submit **every day**!

Le Grand Concourse

The National French Exam is just around the corner! Below you will find a link (Specifcations for levels 01-5) to the website and a list of all the things that you are expected to know for the exam. You don't really need to study because what you are doing in class each day is sufficient. However, if there are some items listed with which you are not familiar, please let me now so that I can give you some information and practice

AP Exam Information

Want to see what AP is all about or need practice for the AP Exam? Visit the links below!

Activités de Rattrage

Mardi Gras: Due no later than Feb. 18
Musée: Due no later than May 1
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