New Books for May

Last new titles of the year!!!

New books by great authors in Young Adult

We all know who Beverly Cleary is, right? Who hasn't heard of Ramona and Beezus? Ralph and his motorcycle or the intrepid Henry Huggins? But I bet you didn't know that Beverly Cleary wrote some young adult romance novels as well! Take a look at Sister of the Bride, Jean and Johnny or Fifteen. They were some of the first books she wrote!

Graphic masterpieces!

As promised the new Avatar! (points below) We also have the next book in the new Gotham Academy series. And if you're interested in metaphors and/or coding, check out Username: Evie by Joe Sugg. It's kind of like The Walking Dead meets that dude from the last Avengers movie and a bit of Inception and The Matrix as well.

Keep'n it real with non-fiction guys definitely want to take a look at Mindful Tech by David Levy. (And not just because he was my professor in grad school) It's a really interesting look at how we use (and maybe overuse) technology today and how to step back and find a little balance.
ANIMALS! Do you like animals? If you do, you're are going to love Mercy: The Incredible Story of Henry Bergh. He's the guy who back in the Victorian days invented the ASPCA. It's a really neat story.

Older fiction is pretty edgy this month...

Did you know the movie The Revenant was based on a novel? And did you know the novel was based on a true story? And Jane Steele is a remake of Jane Eyre but she's (wait for it...) a serial killer! And The Girl with all the Gifts is true thriller material. I won't spoil it by saying what's so special about Melanie...but it's creepy.

Putting the 'e' in books!

If you enjoyed the graphic novel 8th Grade Bites, you'll want to take a look at the book it was based from. We have the first two in the series now as ebooks. And if you're into lucha libre or exciting thrillers filled with danger, take a look at Playing for the Devil's Fire.

MS/US Library

Look at me! That is the White House library! It's a lot like the tardis, it holds a lot more stuff then it appears from the door (and photo).