Perseverance Newsletter

By: Anika Dixit

The Road to Perseverance


The Definition of Perseverance is never giving up, despite all of the hardships and difficulties that come in your way.There are a total of 5 different text structures that we use when we write papers. They are Description, Compare and Contrast, Sequence , Problem and Solution, and finally Cause and Effect. You will see an example of each throughout this newsletter.

Winston Churchill - Description

Winston Churchill was an eloquent and skillful historical figure. He was born on November 30, 1874 in the United Kingdom. His childhood consisted of many hardships and difficulties. Because of the fact that Churchill’s parents were away most of the time, he stayed with his nanny and went to boarding school. It was a lonely and hard life for a sensitive and imaginative child. In 1888, he went to Harrow School, a famous public school in the UK. After graduating from Harrow School, he was accepted into the prestigious Royal Military College and was a top student in his class. He was also given a commission as a cavalry officer. Throughout his life he has shown bravery, responsibility, and courageousness. For example when the Nazi’s attacked France in 1940, he gave his Blood,Toil, Tears, and Sweat speech which inspired the British to keep fighting against a seemingly invincible enemy. He also was given credit for inspiring the nation to win WWII. However, he was best known for being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and winning three very prestigious awards. He was also known for leading Britain to victory in WWII. During the time of the war, Britain lost it’s courage to fight. Winston Churchill said many inspiring things to Britain and joined forces with the US and the Soviet Union. This helped Britain gain back courage to win the war. Winston Churchill once said, “ We must learn to be equally good at what is short and sharp and what is long and tough.” From this quote, we can tell how motivational Churchill was and how many lessons he gives through his speech so that people can learn how to be successful. All in all, Winston Churchill made a great wartime leader because of his boisterous personality and speech-making skills.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Sequence

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Leroy and Dartanyon - Compare & Contrast

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Jackie Robinson - Cause and Effect

Jackie Robinson was and always will be one of the greatest historical figures of all time. He not only revolutionized baseball, but also changed the world's thoughts on racism. Jackie Robinson succeeded in putting the prejudice and racial strife aside, and showed everyone what a talented player he was. Jackie Robinson began playing in the Negro Leagues, but he was soon chosen by Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to help integrate major league baseball. Branch Rickey’s experiment was referred to as “The Noble Experiment.” The goal of the Noble Experiment was to choose a player that could go through all of the difficulties that go along with being the only black in a Major League Baseball team. This man would have to represent his entire race on sport’s biggest stage, and if he failed, the great experiment would be destroyed. Luckily, Jackie Robinson was discovered by Branch Rickey just in time. The Noble Experiment led to many things. Such as, equality in baseball for the rest of the world. Branch Rickey followed this plan, stuck to it as Jackie Robinson dodged blowed and jumped hurdles and overcame obstacles, and, against all odds, Branch Rickey’s great experiment worked.

Losing to Win - Problem and Solution

The main focus of Losing to Win is to explain that despite all of the adversities, there is still a way to find happiness. For this particular group of girls, doing that has been very hard, as they have been faced with difficulties such as drug abuse, poverty, and running away. That is until they discover Carroll Academy. These girls have faced many problems throughout their life. But no matter what life throws at them, Carroll Academy finds a way to make them reach their highest potential and work as a team to achieve goals. Nonetheless, it’s most important, to know that there is a way to reach happiness. During their stay at Carroll Academy, these girls learn how to face life’s hard moments through basketball. This helps them learn to motivate each other,work together as a team, and make new friends through teamwork. In the end, all of the girls that attended Carroll Academy ended up learning the truth about teamwork and friendship, along with the fact that winning isn't always everything.


In the end we can see how all of these people showed perseverance throughout their life and how big of an impact they had on ours. We need to understand that we have privileges that people in the past did not have, like full rights, and the ability to own anything.Hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter.