The battle over slavery



I was working on the plantation on a hot summer day when this white girl came up to me she was wearing a pink dress and I thought she would look at me with disgust but she didn't.Then she asked for a glass of water. I felt my face get all hot. I felt like a bomb about to explode. Why does she think she can come up to me and ask for water when Im doing work?Can't she see I'm busy. My life is already HORRIBLE!!



Dear dad Date july-21-1861

We have been walking for days when out of no where we ran right into the confederate troops.Right when we where walking over the hill when the confederate troops saw us thy attacked.It was coming from the side and we lost some men running to a rock.Then we saw alot of men get of of a train that just pulled up.We only had one commander and the confederate troops had two.We had fought for a day then we lost.We had lost 2,896 men and the confedrate only lost 1,982.It was a confedrate victory.

Love Jake


I was with my cat pulling a cow when some confederate soldiers came across the land. I watched as they went by. I was feeding the chickens when my mom came came out. She asked me to get the eggs out of the chickens barn I said ok. When I got in there I started to get the eggs.Then I got this strange feeling like I was being watched. I got so scared that I ran to the house and dropped all the eggs.That night during dinner I kept thinking about what I felt in the barn. So I went out to the barn with some food and I layed it down on the ground and left. I got past mom and went to bed after feeding the slave. After the next couple of days I brought the slave a turkey leg, a piece of pie, a piece of cornbread, and some biscuits. After I got done with milking the cows I saw some confederate soldiers walking into our farm. Then they came into our house and yelled at dad to see if he saw any runaways he said no and they left. I saw the entire thing from my door. Later that night I went out to our barn to feed the slave and when I got into the barn the slave made me a doll. Then I slept with it that night.


What did you eat? Why?

I ate cornbread and pork so I would stay healthy.

Where did you sleep? Why?

I slept on the floor because no beds were provided.

Did you get wipped? Why?

yes I was fighting the slave brecker because he was whipping me

What did you do?

I picked cotton and weeds

If you could go back to see your mom would you?Why?

I would go back because I got to see her only 3 times

If you could go back would you?Why?

I would go back because I could help other slaves

Where did you work?

In the field and the barn


Harriet Beecher was born in june 14 1811 she was the 7th out of 9 kids. She was one of 4 girls and she had 5 brothers.

Her mom died in 1816 then her dad married a second time.Then they had three new kids.

After a couple years she moved about 30 miles away to Hartford.Then she got married on january 6th 1836.She had 7 kids they named their kids Eliza,Harriet,Henry,Fredrick,Georgiana,


She was a great speaker in the crowds.She also met Abraham Lincoln to talk about running away.


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