Class Structure

Then and Now

Historical Background

Class Structure was a big thing during the 18th century and the 19th century. The main leaders and people who were effected by class structure were the estate owners or rich nobles who owned factories. As well with the middle class who were the merchants, and factory managers. Also the working class were children and were the ones who were doing the hands on activities.

Industrial Revolution: In Great Britain

Social:The amount of power people have wealthy elites give out orders and the poor takes.

Economic: Jobs, living space and wages

Political:Limited privileges such as voting for working classes

Industrial Revolution: Around the World

Social:Wealthy elites deal with main problem poor has to work for less money.

Economic:Jobs and wages

Political :Limited privileages such as voting for working classes.

The Modern Day Counterpart:

The big gap in society from the rich to the poor.To get in the 1% group you have to be extremely rich