Avoid osteoporosis today!!

Bones hold up our body, but what holds up our bones?

Bones are strong, and they're meant to be! Without bones, we would just be blobs of fat and muscle, oozing around getting nothing done. Luckily, we have our skeletal system. Bones are flexible and strong, with cartilage and tendons and ligaments surrounding them, they allow us to do a myriad of things. As we grow older, our bones grow with us. They fix themselves when they break, and they always bend before that! Unfortunately, when we reach a certain age they stop building, and we are forced to go on with what we built up in the first place. That is why it is important to build them up.

Our bones are made up of collagen, and are strengthened primarily by Calcium. They take the calcium, store it up, and use it to remain strong for a very long time. Calcium can be found in milk, other dairy products, and dark green vegetables. That's right kids, those are good for you!

If a sufficient store of calcium is not built up originally, and continually consumed consecutively each day, your body will take it from your bones when it needs it, weakening them to the point that light pressure could fracture them. This is called osteoporosis. Found mainly in older women, especially dancers, this disease is one that plagues the world today. And it can all be prevented by Calcium.

So, moral of the flyer; drink your milk!! (Ice cream is also good)