Date Netherlands joined the E.U

Netherlands joined the E.U in 1815

Was your country part of any other country's

Nether lands was part of Spain. Intel Netherlands got there rights from Spain in 1579.

Brief history of the Netherlands flag

The colors were those of william I prince of orange he lead the Dutch revolt against Spanish sovereignty .the orange began to fade so the orange turned red. The colors are red white and blue.
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The capital and four major cities

The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam the other four major north halland,Rotterdam,south halland,and

Places people should visit

They should visit Netherlands because you can learn a new language get to learn Dutch you can learn there life styles.

Government type

Netherlands have a monarchy.

Currency type if it is the euro what did they use prior

Could not find it.

Three interesting facts

*The airport is usually below selevel

*the nationality is Dutchmen and Dutchwomen

*netherlands they have a Royal Air Force royal army a royal navy

Where is it located

52 30 N, 5 45 E, Belgium 478km, Germany 575 km


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Was your country a founder of the EU

My country is not a founding of the EU.