8th Grade Promotion Information

March 11, 2022

Dear 8th Grade Families,

This informational letter is being shared to keep you apprised of the upcoming events planned for our 8th grade students and the Promotion Ceremony. Our 8th grade class sponsors this year are Mr. Rudolph and Mrs. Grass. Please contact them via email or phone, if you have any questions. You may also contact the office at 636-937-9188.


Cindy Holdinghausen

Middle School Principal

Eighth Grade Promotion

The promotion will take place on Wednesday, May 18th at 6:30 pm in the High School Gym. Students should arrive no later than 6:00 pm. Photos will be taken by Cheekwood in the morning of the 18th. Picture packets should be sent home sometime in the upcoming weeks ahead. Orders with payment will be given to the photographer the day of pictures being taken. Both individuals and a class photo will be taken with students in their gowns.

We will also have a backdrop setup outside of the PAC for family/friend photos after the Promotion ceremony. Gowns will be available for the photos.

Attire for Ceremony

Students do not wear gowns during the Promotion Ceremony. Therefore, we ask that your child please dress in a manner befitting the event. Any questions regarding the dress code may be directed to the class sponsors, Mrs. Grass and Mr. Rudolph.

Eighth Grade Rehearsal

Students will be going to the High School at 7:45 am on Wednesday, May 18th for a full rehearsal of the evening's Promotion Ceremony. Please be sure that your child arrives on time so they do not miss the informational meeting and rehearsal as well as photos.

Eighth Grade T-Shirts

Student T-shirts will be ordered for all 8th grade students and will be given out as soon as they arrive. A special "Thank You" to the PTO for helping with the purchasing of the shirts.

Eighth Grade Dance

A dance for our 8th grade students will be taking place on Friday, April 29th. Students will have the chance to vote on the theme for the dance later this month with their sponsors. The dance is planned to take place in the cafeteria.

Eighth Grade Event

We are planning on resuming the annual Six Flags Trip for the 8th grade class which will be scheduled for a day in May. Students will be asked to help with the cost of the tickets by participating in fundraising activities. Look for more information regarding the trip and fundraising to be shared by the sponsors.



According to the Student Handbook, " school administration may suspend students from extra-curricular activities if rules are violated. Students having an ISS or OSS prior to a dance may not attend the activity". This will also apply for field trips.

All students were reminded of these protocols today during an Advisory meeting.