Health Concerns

By: Kimberly Allen


  • Well Developed by middle childhood.
  • Awareness of midrange sounds.
  • At 11, Children have auditory awareness.
  • Ear infections can be health problem.
  • Eustachian tube has changed position.
  • Change prevents bacteria and fluids reaching ear.
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  • At 6, children can begin to read.
  • See object w/ both eyes at same time.
  • Ability to focus improves.
  • Many preschoolers are "Farsighted"
  • Close up vision improves during middle age.
  • Throughout middle childhood, Nearsighted is more common.
  • 25% of children need their vision corrected.
  • Vision should be checked regularly.
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  • During middle childhood, children loose primary teeth.
  • First teeth to fall out are Central incisors.
  • At 12, all 20 primary teeth will be replaced.
  • Primary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth.
  • at first, permanent teeth are not straight.
  • Gradually the facial bone grows.
  • When the facial bone grows, teeth align.
  • Tooth loss can have psychological effect.
  • Tooth decay can happen.
  • Cavities.
  • Regular dentist check up.
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  • Common problem for middle childhood kids.
  • Obese- 20% more than others.
  • Effects 25% of school kids.
  • Impact emotional health.
  • Obese kids often made fun of.
  • Lack self esteem.
  • Over weight parents leads to over weight kids.
  • Environment can be a contributing factor.
  • Kids overeat because of family stress.
  • Non-Physical activities.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart disease.
  • Diabetes.
  • Both parents AND children have to change.
  • Encouraged to exercise!!
  • Overcome emotional pronlems.
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