Kampong Krazy

Term 2 2016 ECA

Outdoor Fun and Games.... Kampong style

Before Singapore was this shiny, modern metropolis of a city, it was a cozy fishing village or "Kampong." "Kampong," (a small village or community of houses) is a word firmly associated with Singapore's past. A time where children still played in puddles and ran alongside ducks and chicks. A community where water was collected in a well and electricity was provided by a generator.

This ECA offers our students a rare opportunity to learn about and enjoy playing good ol' fashioned Singapore Kampong Games.

Games such as Five-Stones, Marbles aka Goli, Chapteh and Pick up Sticks may sound and look simple but they help children to practise their communication skills, balance, motor skills, concentration, turn-taking skills while following the rules of the game.

In addition to having fun, students will learn about the culture and history associated of each game, as they were played in the Kampong days.


  • Mondays starting 25th April from 2pm-3pm
  • Open to Enrichment - Grade 6 (minimum attendance 4; maximum 10)
  • Cost $200
  • Bring: Water Bottle and a Cap