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Thanksgiving Roll Call

So many people contribute time, leadership, money to make anything of import happen in our world. As the ACTS Group has moved into Stage 3 of the work of activating united gospel initiatives in communities and cities, we wanted to take time to remember some of those who have in the past paved the way through their efforts and contributions.

Origins: Kevin Palau, Henry Wells, Bryce Jessup, John Jackson, Paul Edwards, Francis Anfuso, Earl Heverly, Dan Axtell, Don Proctor, Scott Hanson, Pat Gelsinger, Tom White, Jim Jessup, Eric Swanson, Sam Williams, Angel Warrior, Jeff Kreiser

SacramentoPRAYS/CityPRAYS: Annie Fish, Judy Trent Whitnack, Shari Bonnard, Gil & Adena Hodges, Gary DeGennaro, Shaun Gartman, Beth Mulkin, Jim & Peggy Records, Peter Henderson, Sandi Padilla, Eric Euren

Serve Sacramento/Serve United: Dave Coburn, Dan Axtell, Brad Squires, Tammy Vallejo, Scott Thurmond, Kirt Lewis, Enoch Yeung, Rob Dirkse, Jeff Johnson, Steve McGee, Loren Ditmore, Donna Trumbo, Owen Reinhardt, Bob Dugas, Keith Young, Ed Manansala

Staff/Contractors: Cindy Dickson, Kaela Gottlieb Lafarge, Megan McCleary, Merisa Moy, Janie Lynne Lovejoy, Mike Brill, Matt Battershell, Brittany Smith

Convergence/Q Commons: Curtis Smith, David Sudarma, Dean Deguara, Ann Delagnes, Dan Axtell, Heather Kreiser, Brian Dowd, Kyle Gattison, Marc Prescott, Jessica James, Jeremiah Aja, Darria Deatherage

For all of these named and those unnamed, we are thankful. For those of you who are continuing the work, we are thankful. For those who have moved on into other callings from Jesus, we are thankful. Let us move through this season with gratitude for all the Lord has done among us to fulfill his prayer in John 17.

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Group gathered in fall of 2012 to discuss ideas after the Palau Season of Service, the Serve Sacramento website and what would come next

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First SacramentoPRAYS large prayer meeting in 2013 hosted by Center of Praise
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Some of those attending the first Convergence "Live" event and recording in 2015

The ACTS Group has moved forward on the financial support of people who believe this ministry is essential to ongoing united gospel work in the region. If you would like to donate now, click on the link above and when coming to the donation page, click on the blue button on the right hand side of the page that says "Donate Now to this Project"

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Activating united gospel initiatives in communities and cities. These gospel-based activators provide guidance, training and outcome tracking that helps leaders accelerate gospel movement in their local community and the spheres of cultural influence of the city.