2014 History of Computers

All the important inventions of 2014

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I. Super Processor

A machine capable of processing 640 terabytes of data in one billionth of a second.

First introduced in June, 2014 by HP

The reason I think this is an important invention because it could change a lot of things not only in cloud computing but in general hardware. It shares data and syncs data in a instant enhancing the usefulness pf cloud computing.




Thursday, Dec. 18th, 9pm

California, United States


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A capacitor that can fully charge a device in a minute

A super capacitor energy storing device that can be charge a device in less that a minute.

January, 2014, Intel Science Fair

I think this could change the way people use technology when it is so convenient to just get 100 percent battery in less that a minute. This could mean the possibility of achieving world sustainability and letting electricity go to even the most remote areas.