by: Madelyn Rasberry

Government and Economics

Government type: semi- presidential republic

Capital: Taipei

Branches of government: In addition to the president and National Assembly, Taiwan's government contains five yuan, or branches of government: the Executive Yuan, the Legislative Yuan, the Control Yuan, the Examination Yuan, and the Judicial Yuan.

GDP: 518.8 billion

per capita: $47,500

currency: new Taiwan dollar

population living below poverty: 1.5%

imports: oil/petroleum, semiconductors, natural gas, coal, steel, computers, wireless communication equipment, automobiles, fine chemicals, textiles

exports: semiconductors, petrochemicals, automobile/auto parts, ships, wireless communication equipment, flat display displays, steel, electronics, plastics, computers

Significance: This evaluation of these facts on the lives of the people helps us to better understand how the government isn't as organized as it is in the US.

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Tsai Ing-wen -President

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Wu Den-yih- Vice president

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Presidential office building

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Taiwan's currency

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Branches of government in Taiwan


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Taiwanese Lantern Festival

2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival is held in Taoyuan and will celebrate the Year of the Monkey under the theme "Golden Monkey Offering Peaches." The themed lanterns and the activities are designed corresponding with the surrounding, the culture and the history of Taoyuan. With different theme areas of lanterns, light shows, and fireworks, Taiwan Lantern Festival is definitely an event one would not want to miss. Local and international friends are all recommend joining the fun and experiencing the charms of Taoyuan during the Taiwan Lantern Festival.
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Taiwan dragon boat festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a significant Chinese festival which is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Its origin was to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. During the day of the Dragon Boat festival, there are various beliefs and traditions that ethnic Chinese do, such as racing dragon boats, eating glutinous rice dumplings (Zhongzi), hanging calamus and moxa on the front door, drinking concoctions, displaying portraits of Zhong Kuei, children wearing fragrant sachets, as well as standing an egg at 12:00 noon. The Dragon Boat Festival is highlighted by the dragon boat races, which was originally meant to the attempts to rescue Qu Yuan. This lively and colorful tradition continued for centuries. Today, dragon boat races are held in various Taiwan cities such as Hsinchu, Tainan, Taipei, and Yilan, etc.
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LO Ch'ing- Famous Painter

Just for Fun

Taiwan National Anthem

Chinese Lyrics

San Min Chu I

San-min-chu-i, Wu-tang so tsung ;
i-chien min-kuo, i-chin ta-t'ung.
Tzu erh to-shih, wei min ch'ien-feng ;
su-yeh fei-hsieh, chu-i shih ts'ung.
Shih ch'in shih yung, pi hsin pi chung ;
i-hsin i-te, kuan-ch'e shih-chung.

English Translation

The Rights of the People

Our aim shall be to found a free land.
World peace be our stand.
Lead on, comrades, vanguards ye are.
Hold fast your aim, by sun and star.
Be earnest and brave, your country to save.
One heart, one soul, one mind, one goal !

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