This country is on fire!


The Country of Firebird has a geographical location that affects the country in many different ways at different times of the year. The country Firebird is located in the north eastern hemisphere of the new earth. The island would be in the continent of Asia on the old earth. The island's physical features have very unique stories behind them. The lakes in the country have some interesting stories. Firebirds lakes include Lake Crystal, Phoenix, Pointe, and Thunderbird. The other interesting physical feature of the island is the North Mt. located in the capital city of Polaris. The North mountain is located at the northern tip facing the gulf. The Mountain is located by the palace where the monarch and his/her family lives. Next to having some interesting features the island is covered in vegetation around each of the cities. On the inside of the cities there is vegetation but not a whole lot as on the outside. The physical features of the island also provide some natural resources that are very unique. Firebird has a unique variety of animals that provide food or just are fun to watch. These animals include gummy deer, stripes, needle fish, and turkey. These animals live in the woods around the cities. Except for the needle fish they live in the waters. Though there is a large amount of them by Needle village. On the island there is a special tree called zap. This tree grows rock candy. But this tree is only grown in the town of Pointe. Firebird also has a vast variety of fresh water from three of the four lakes and , plenty of salt water from the ocean surrounding the island.


The culture of a country is what tells a person about the people. The holidays celebrated on Firebird are Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Halloween, and National dance day. On these holidays the people sell the counties delicacies to eat. These delicacies include the gummy deer, stripes, rock candy harvested from the trees and meats, some imported from other countries. The main sports that are played in Firebird are football, Dance, soccer, and volleyball. There are other sports played but these are the main sports played. The people of Firebird wear modern fashions, or they wear there sport uniforms. Such as a sweatshirt, or a shirt ,or a game shirt. The people play these games for recreation as well. The people also paint, draw,and sculpt for fun. The people play mainly country and modern music. There are a few other styles but not many other styles are played. The technology is very advanced on this island. There tech is mainly based off of holograms. This country is a modern country that has an interesting culture.
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Fire birds economy offers many opportunities for the people of Firebird. Firebird trades with two other countries, Megatron and Artic Way. Firebirds jobs mainly rely on the natural resources. Although there are jobs that don't rely on the natural resources. The geography of the country affects the people in how they get to work and when they can work. In the winter the zap nurseries are closed because the trees can't grow in the winter as an example of when people can't do there job. Often times people get different jobs in the winter to help keep the money coming in . The counties currency is uroses. Firebird trades goods like gummy deer, zap, stripes and needle fish. The economy has a very big impact on the people and how the country runs itself.


Firebirds government gives opportunities but also gives restrictions. The people of FIrebird value their freedom of speech, and there freedom to be who they want to be. The Government that firebird has is a monarchy. The government is structured in a way where the people can vote but the monarch has the final say in it. A citizen's role in the government is to vote and make money so you can buy things and the government can tax you. The history of Firebirds government is very ugly. When the country was first founded it was a dictatorship. The people didn't like the dictatorship. There was no freedom. The people surprised and took the dictatorship down. The new government was reborn into a democracy but a after too many bad presidents. The country almost destroyed itself. The people up rised again. The people took down the democracy and the country was reborn a Monarchy. A monarchy is a county that is ruled by a king or a queen . The king or queens crown sally gets passed down through the family. the monarch has a government, but the monarch has the final say.

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Firebird has many people living in the country. The main amount of people are native to this country but there are few people who moved here. Firebird in the past had two revolutions changing the government. Each time the people apprised the people changed the the government into something that would suit them better. The country was named Firebird because of the many Phoenix's on the island. The name was given to the country after the people took down the dictatorship. They named it Firebird as a sign of hope. Because even though phoenix’s burst into flames they are reborn out of the ashes. It also had to do with the amount of phoenix’s that still fly around to this day. Each story is true I guess it is a little bit of both. To this day the people even have a traditional dance of the phoenix they do a national dance day. Firebird may have a rough past the county still burns on.

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The flag of a country is a symbol of the countries values. My flag has a Phoenix on it as a symbol of hope. When a phoenix's time to die is coming near phoenix starts to look bad for a couple of days. After a few days the phoenix bursts into flames leaving the ashes of the phoenix. But just as you think its dead a baby phoenix is then born out of the ashes. The back round color blue represents the justice the people got after each of the revolutions. The infinity symbol with the red color around it represent that the country's flame will burn on forever. The symbols on the flag represent hard work and justice very good qualities to have in a country.
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