Wsca Classrooms

Wsca high school and middle school classes should be divided

If Wsca made the high school classrooms farther away from the middle school classrooms it would be easier for everyone to get to their classes

Every single day, everybody has to shove their way through all the students and it's so annoying. If the high schoolers only had classes upstairs and we only had them downstairs, that wouldn't happen. Its probably annoying for them too to have middle schoolers in their way all the time.

It would also be safer

If there is less students in the hallway, it lowers the chance for someone to get trampled and no one wants to get trampled when their trying to get to their class and not be late. Also this probably doesn't happen very often anyways, but smaller middle schoolers might get teased by the older high schoolers, so if they were far away, that wouldn't happen at all.

Finally, it would be easier for the teachers

If every teacher only had either high school students or middle school students they would have less classes and it would be easier for them. And who wants more work? Not me! Also classes like Ms. Monaco have many many students coming in during enrichments and the class is so packed and uncomfortable.

Opposing point of view

You may be thinking, what about the high schoolers? They might feel trapped all upstairs all day. However, I think the high schoolers would feel better and more independent without all the little middle schoolers running around. Also they would have more space too.

This change would equal.......

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Happy students!!!!!!