Career Options in Media and Comm.

By: Pragna Goura


A journalist is to research and write about the current events that are going around society. They must interview people, write their story and it must be true and ethical. Their writing must look professional as well. I would want this job because writing is one of my strongest points. I haven’t wrote about current events, my stories were always non fictional, it would be a new experience to write about reality.


Photographers are to make a visual image to the public. They must go around and take pictures of what the journalist is writing their paper on. They must do what exactly what the client want. They must have a whole portfolio of pictures for the publishers and editors to work with. I would enjoy this job, I love photography and photoshopping pictures to just the way I like it.


They must proofread any projects, they look out for any flaws in the work. They must do all the finishing details like: font, color, word size, etc. This job would be pretty interesting. I am very picky about finishing touches and always making my work looking clean and polished.

Engineering Technicains

These technicians set up and operate all the tech in the studio. They are the ones who broadcast the shows or advertisements. They must make sure everything is in place to make sure everything goes smoothly as possible. This would be an interesting job because I have always had an interest in technology and how things worked behind the screen.


These people present the contents that they will be broadcasting that day. They talk about what the journalists wrote. This job is pretty important to inform the public about any current events that have been going around. This would be a great career because you would be discussing about the news and helping the word get spread.