Come Conquer The Known World

If Greece Can Do It, So Can You!

A very diverse Greece, conquered all of the world that they could, thanks to Alexander the Great. With a philosophical Athens and an aggressive Spartan, they could do anything.

Greece's Economy

From 800-600 BCE, women really did not have rights. They could not go to school and they had to be in the best shape possible. Women had to stay at home while the men did everything. That ended during the Hellenistic age. Women were allowed to come put of the house and women gained more rights. Women's rights are greatly acknowledged now.

Social Set Up

There were classes in Sparta. The bottom class was the slaves. Then went the free people that worked in trade. After that was the native people and people that owned land. At the top is the people that carried out laws. Only free males could move up classes.


The art in Greece is absolutely beautiful. Grecians built statues to commemorate their leaders and their gods. They also invented drama. Their plays were humorous and realistic.