Climate Change's Effects

See how we as humans are harming our own planet

What is "Climate Change"?

As defined by NASA climate change is "a change in the typical or average weather of a region or city" and this can happen in many ways from things like floods to extreme droughts and it is a problem for everyone.

How dose this effect us and why should we care?

This can effect things like tourism and business, it also effects things much larger like eco systems and habitation patterns. From 1948 to 2013 the annule tempreture has been increaced by 1.6 celcius and its easy to see the effects, this year toronto has recived a very little amount of snow compared to earlyer years.

How can this be solved?

Some of the largest cause of climate change is becouse of CO2 emisson from buring fossile fuels like oil, gasoline or coal and this can all be solved by switching to a clean and sustanible energy sorce like wind or hydro. In the future Canadian president Justin Trudeau wishes to invest money into clean sorces of power and fix the damege that was done to the enviroment.

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