A pair of Cheetahs!

Uniquely fast and fabulous

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Inspiration turning into a new reality

You're motivated to be the best you can be, here is the fastest step in the right direction? The average cheetah can run up to 75 mph, which inspired me to create the ultimate speed shoe, the cheetah! Although you will not reach 75 mph you will reach your top speed, and that's a promise.

Cheetah shoes have built in rubber elastic springs that create a much faster take off when starting your run, and a faster step to step speed. They also include inserts that provide heat or cooling, you are given a set of heat inserts and cooling inserts and switch them out depending on what sounds most comfortable for you! Just like a cheetahs paw, they have thick pads that regulate temperatures, so the cheetah remains comfortable while on a fast hunt.

Reality is that we as humans are not going to run up to 75 mph, however, to improve upon our speed we have to think big. Which is why we should look to the cheetah, the fastest land animal the earth has. Mimicking the cheetahs natural fast resources to the greatest of our ability can only help us improve when wanting to be our fastest.