Vitamin A

Functions of the Nutrient (Why is it good for you?)

The body uses vitamin A to make a chemical compound the eyes need to adapt to darkness. Vitamin A promotes normal growth (especially bones and teeth). The health of tissue such as skin and mucous membranes also depends on the presence of vitamin A.

Food Sources of Nutrient

Vitamin has two forms your body can obtain. The first form is the vitamin itself. Vitamin A is in liver, egg, yolk, whole milk, and fortified dairy products, butter, and fish oils. The other form is beta-carotene. This is a provitamin, which is a substance the body can convert into a vitamin.

- Deficiencies and Excesses of Nutrient (What happens if you have too much or too little of nutrient?)

If the diet contains too little vitamin A, the eyes will become sensitive to light. They may develop night blindness, which is a reduced ability to see in dim light. The skin will become rough, and susceptibility may increase. In serve cases, stunted growth may result. People seldom get too much vitamin a from food. However, if they take