Matthew Schultz

By: Matthew Schultz


My Mom is an amazing lady who loves to teach and wants me to enjoy life and be happy. My Dad is a strong person who has always helped guide me in the right direction; my Dad is a computer programmer and loves his job. I am lucky because I have a twin brother who is also my best friend. My family may seem small but my Dad is the baby of twelve so when my family gets together on holidays it is great because there are so many of us.


As of right now my favorite memory is probably the time when my family and I went to Palo Duro Canyon. We hiked on one of the unmarked trails and made it to the very top which was a 900 foot climb in elevation! All of the work had a wonderful pay off, which is and amazing view.


The Mimic Octopus

The Mimic is my favorite animal and not only because of their ability to disuse very well, but the fact that they are so smart that they use tools like coconut shells to assist them. Therefore making them smarter than most animals which makes them better.


I love to hike, I enjoy computers in general, I like to fix them, and play games.