Local News Update

The main character in the story is Robbie she lived on midway which is an island that does not have people that are Robbie age mostly just researchers and people that work for national geographic magazine. But once a year she gets to go to honolulu that is were her aunt AJ lives. When Robbie went to AJ's house this time AJ had to leave for LA . The first night that Robbie was there she went to get to some supper and this guy was basically crazy scared Robbie that night Robbie was very scared could barely even go to sleep. That day Robbie would go back to midway cause she thought that she not ready to stay by her self.
The plane that Robbie was just in had just crashed in to the ocean and Robbie had just got pushed into the ocean by a guy named mask. There was a raft down below that she had got into. She had never really like the ocean but she