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by Sam, Ella, and Madison

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Facts You May Not Know About King Tut

You know that King Tut is our beloved ruler, but little did you know about his life. At the age of nine, he became ruler. Amenhotep IV was King Tut’s father before he ruled. While King Tut was still a child, he married Ankhesenpaaten, his half sister. He was born around 1341 B.C.E. Tutankhaten was his first name when he was a baby but he changed it to Tutankamun.
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Cooking with Pharah Deen

Pharah Deen's Recipes:

Learn how to cook with Pharah Deen! Today we will be learning how to make a traditional Egyptian meal called Tiger Nut Sweets. Follow the instructions carefully to get the results the Pharaoh loves. If you love our recipe please come to our Ra’s Sweet Stuff store that changed Egypt with my special new, and fabulous recipes!

Tiger Nut Sweets

– 400 g fresh pitted dates

– some water

– 2 tbsp cinnamon powder

– 1/2 tsp cardamom powder

– 4 tbsp roughly chopped walnuts

– a little honey

– 4 tbsp finely chopped almonds

Mash the dates with water to a rough paste. Add cinnamon, cardamom powder and walnuts, blend well. Roll into two balls, coat in honey and sprinkle the finely chopped almonds over them. This is one of few “confirmed” genuine ancient Egyptian food recipes.

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Tut News

Today in Egypt there has been a tragedy. This morning of 1323 B.C. our pharoah has taken a trip to the underworld. His death has not been stated but the rumors are that he had been run over by a chariot and has an infection. We have been talking to the head priest, Amenhotep

“The boy king will not live more than a few day,” said the priest, “His infection cannot be treated by the doctors. This is the sign of the gods calling to our beloved Pharaoh.”

Today as we wait in the king's chambers, we hear moaning a sign death. A few hours later the servants found the king dead in his bed. The mummy embalming will take place in a few days after the priests remove his organs and dry the body out in salt.A festival and procession ceremony will take place in 100 suns to honor the young Pharaoh's death. In 100 suns a ceremony will be held to honor his death.

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Advertising Help? We are here for you!

Do you want to have a great product but can’t sell it? Today you can get your product out with Amen Advertisements Co. With our sellers you will sell out immediately contact your local store now in Lower Egypt today!
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Explore Agriculture

Recently, our agricultural progress has been going great! Currently, our irrigation systems are doing good. And our crop growth has been great! To keep this great progress and food sustainability we need more farmers! If anyone is interested in keeping are dear Egyptian fertile grounds, please come and talk to Mahu about job requirements. Our farmers are running low. We need your help!
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Out of Town News

As we all know the Assyrians had conquered most of Arabia. Some people say that they are coming to us next, others try not to think about it. We had a interview about this topic with a one of our commoners:

Reporter,” How do you feel about the Assyrians coming?”

Menna (the commoner),” Well, there are mixed feeling about this topic. But I feel if they do come we have a strong army of men and nothing to worry about.”

Reporter,” Also, if they Assyrians do conquer, what do you think will happen to our society?”

Menna,” If the do conquer, I feel that most of our civilization will weaken and start a Third Intermediate Period.”

Reporter,” Right, and if this does happen, what would happen agriculturally.”

Menna,” I think agriculturally we will do fine, but in all the others places we will fail.”

Reporter,” Thank you.”

From this interview our commoners clearly have a strong opinion on the asumption that the Assyrians are coming. We will be sure to keep you updated on this shocking news. Stay safe!
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Flashback Story: Hatshepsut - woman pioneer

For our flashback portion for the day, we are focusing on Hatshepsut. Her dad, Thutmose I promised Hatshepsut that she will rule Egypt and will become pharaoh when he dies. When that day happened, she protested to be pharaoh priests wouldn’t let her be pharaoh because she was a girl. She was one of the many people in our wonderful country to pioneer this idea. She married Thutmose II and everyone thought that he should be pharaoh. One day, there was a mysterious death and Thutmose II died. They had a kid named Thutmose III before his death. Now everyone thought that he should be pharaoh. Hatshepsut protested again until she made an agreement because the fact that Thutmose III was a baby, she would make the decisions. When he grew up, Hatshepsut had a mysterious death also. Until now… Thutmose III is in control.
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Job listings

Is anyone looking for a job? If so, you have come to the right place! Some job openings are: farming, scribes, and traveling merchants. Farming is a very important job because you are helping our society and making sure they have food. Being a scribe is also a very important job because it is very important to keep our future aware of what we are doing now. Being a scribe is also a very good job because you might get to meet our very own Pharaoh! Being a traveling merchant is also a very interesting job because you get to see different civilizations and their lifestyle. We hope you choose one, and help our society! If you have an interest in any of these jobs please contact Mitry by meeting him at his field on Monday.

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Story: Akhenaten and Nefertiti's True Love

Long ago, there lived a man named Akhenaten who looked different than other pharaohs. Not a lot of people would follow his rule. When the sculptors asked if he wanted his sculpture of him to look different than who he is a make a replica of him.

He said, “Make me exactly who I am. I am who I am and Aten, the god who I praise, chose me to be like this.”

So the sculptors made him like how he was. Later in his rule, he met a girl named Nefertiti. She looked fine but people criticized her for falling in love with Akhenaten, but she did it anyways.

She said, “Akhenaten, I love you no matter how you look.”

They got married and it was all because of true love.

We hoped you enjoyed our newest issue of The Daily Egyptian