The Explinatin Of Coding

By Reggie Dawson

What is coding ?

"What is coding?", Is a commonly asked question. Coding is how you make a program of your own creation do exactly what you want. Its kind of a different language to communicate with your computer in a way it was made to understand. But however learning different language isn't easy. But I will explain more of that in later paragraphs.

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Why coding is important. (My opinion)

In my opinion coding is important because the human race can't continue with our technological advancement without the root it came from. WHICH IS CODING! Every computerized thing has some kind of coding. If right now every little piece of coding on our planet was to just deprogram unexpectedly... THE HUMAN RACE WOULD FALL TO PIECES IN LESS THAN AN HOUR! Don't get me wrong, I trust that with this number of people on Earth that will not happen. But this is why I think coding is so crucial to us. ( But this doesn't apply to the Amish who don't live under technologies rule.)
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Jobs that require coding. (Fact)

Since coding takes such an important role in our world (Paragraph 2) there are many jobs that require it. Such as Software creators, NASA workers, And video game creaters.

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