Bournda National Park

Needs your help!

Can you convince campers how to recycle RIGHT?

Bournda National Park has a problem. Happy campers at Hobart Beach just can't seem to put the recycling in the recycling bin! Worse, they put their general rubbish in the recycling bin. Apparently, it isn't obvious that nappies are NOT recyclable. Contaminated recycling doesn't get sorted - it all just ends up in landfill so its important it doesn't happen in the first place!

We would like you to create a poster we can stick on the bins that clearly shows what should go in and what shouldn't. We're not sure if it's lazy adults or children that are not quite doing the right thing so entries need to be images with little text.

What you need to do:

On A4 paper draw, paint, make a collage or use computer technology (be creative, its up to you) and come up with an advertisement for the front of the bins. You can submit two entries if you like - one for the yellow and one for the red bin.

The ads must:

- Clearly demonstrate that recycling needs to go in the YELLOW bin

- Clearly demonstrate that 'general waste' goes in the RED bin

- Use pictures, with limited text

- Be easy to understand and interpret by all age groups and nationalities

- Be really, really convincing!


All entries can be handed in to your school. Staff from Bournda EEC will pick them up and then they will be judged based on their creativity, appropriateness, appeal and ability to convince a variety of people.

The judging panel will consist of staff from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (Merimbula Office), Bournda EEC, and happy campers from Hobart Beach (depending on who is there on the day).

Submission Requirements

Friday, Nov. 29th 2013 at 3pm

At your school - either in the office or to your art teacher