Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 17

What's happening?

Dear staff,

Here are some updates for this last week before break:

  • First of all, let me thank Bonnie Fisher in advance for filling in for me during my absence. I am confident she will do a great job for you and our kids. She will be here the week of December 15th, not work over winter break, back the week of January 5th, and again the week of January 12th. She might be needed the week of January 19th pending my medical release.
  • I am excited to get my new left knee, but a little nervous about staying home for 4-6 weeks. I will try to keep up with what is happening via email, phone calls, texts, and even Facebook with all of you. Bonnie will be using my First Class email so if you send me a message, both of us will see it. If you want to speak to only me, you can call my cell or text me.
  • Bonnie will handle student discipline, the Winter Sing, Major Saver, etc. in my absence. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Friday December 19th is a full-day of school for NA and there is Rock-It Academy.
  • Happy birthday on Monday to Chrissy Block!
  • Last, but not least, to all classroom teachers that take students to the bus line after school, you MUST fill in the sheet on a DAILY basis with which children rode the bus home. We have now had two scary situations with parents coming to get their children and/or their children not getting off the bus and we have no record of what the child did at the end of the day. After you check off your kids that are here and riding the bus home, stick the sheet in that slot in the hall by the gym doors. The bus duty people bring it up to Kimberly and she puts them back in mailboxes. Safety is our first priority. Let me know if you have questions.

December 15-19

Weekly Plan

Monday December 15

9:40 5th grade collaboration meeting

10:40 4th grade collaboration meeting

12:45 1st grade collaboration meeting

1:45 Kindergarten collaboration meeting

3:30 5th grade girls' intramural basketball @ NA

3:30 Intervention meeting @ Central Office for Jodi & Chuck w/Kay

Tuesday December 16

7:45 Behavior TAT (Debbie, Megan, Danielle)

8:35 2nd grade collaboration meeting

10:45 3rd grade collaboration meeting

1:00-2:30 PK-5 Winter Sing rehearsal

1:30 Administrators' meeting

Wednesday December 17

9:30-11:00 NA PK-5 Winter Sing @ PAC

Thursday December 18

8:00 IEP w/Jodi and Tisha

2:00 Preschool collaboration meeting

3:30 5th grade girls' intramural basketball @ NA

Friday December 19

9:00 Weekly counselor meeting with Danielle

10:45 Weekly office meeting with Lori, Mindy, and Kimberly

2:30 Weekly coaches meeting with Carrie and Jenni