Weekly Launch

May 6-10


Only 13 days left!

What crazy weather we had last night! I hope everyone's house and car are okay. The school is a hot mess. We have leaks is over 35 places in the building. I attached some pics at the bottom and a list of all the rooms with new leaks. Several rooms have tiles that have fallen through and have left a mess on the floor. Diana is on her way now and maintenance is sending a crew to work on it.

If you have a coupon for No recess duty from our egg hunt, please be sure to email Brenda and I with the date and time you want to use it. The little slip gets lost in our box and I don't want to miss seeing it so we can cover!

We will re-schedule our Hamburger picnic lunch that was supposed to happen today. It will be one day next week. Maybe Thursday or Friday!

Our 2nd administration of the Youth Truth Survey begins on Monday. I will be sending out email blasts to parents about completing this survey. I will ask you to remind your parents also. You will be getting the code to do your survey also. We won't have a time to do it all together so I will be bugging you to get it done :0) We will have 3rd-5th complete it after STAAR.

Important Dates

May 13

STAAR 3rd/4th math, 5th retest

May 14

STAAR-3rd/4th reading, 5th retest

May 15

STAAR 5th Science

May 16


Make ups

May 17

K, 1, 2 BAS closes

Make ups

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Character

Morning Announcements-office

End of Year Fun May Calendar

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Pamela because she looked for a feed store for us to get more chick food. Then she went to that store, bought the food, and brought it back to school on a Friday afternoon. You are the best!-Stephanie Hirsch

This compliment is for Lora Steiger for taking my class to lunch and waiting with them so I could go to my summative-Stephanie Hirsch

This compliment is for Terri May for talking all our chicks to their new home!-Stephanie Hirsch

This compliment is for the second grade team- thanks for being so understanding with my “frazzledness” lately!-Nancy Kramer

This compliment is for Renee- thank you for checking out our classrooms after the storm and placing buckets in my room after finding a couple of leaks.-Nancy Kramer

This compliment is for Jen, Brenda, Renee- thank you for all the sweet treats this week for teacher appreciation- breakfast, snack delivery and the planned picnic. So sweet!

This compliment is for Elizabeth Bartley- thank you for finding my laptop! You’re my hero!

Great Mindfulness ideas from Barb Gruener

Shout outs

A big shout out to everyone for being patient with us as we tried to wrap up summatives this week! We enjoyed visiting with you all!

A big shout out to Renee for organizing the Yankee Candle fundraiser distribution

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